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A Season of Rebirth

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: March 4, 2011, from the April 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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As in winter, the complexion should be healthy above all else. “Your complexion should always just look clean, even and fresh. Heavier foundation should never come back in style,” emphasizes Scott. Katz concurs, saying, “There’s a lot of talk about good, beautiful, clean skin. That’s a basic requisite for good makeup.” And along with health, a complexion should also look alive. “This season, we are seeing a nude skin with a luminous finish. It can be sensual—almost wet—but not greasy. You want it to look like it’s got its juices running through it,” explains Mendelson.

Highlighters are also a component of this spring’s look. “Incorporate a highlighter or illuminating tint that can be worn under the foundation, or a face primer or liquid foundation for that healthy, dewy, glowing complexion,” advises Tatman. “A beautiful complexion starts off with foundation, and that is the way to hook makeup [consumers]. Find a foundation that they love. Women have dozens of lip products, but very rarely will you find someone with multiple brands of foundation. Get a foundation that works for them and gives them that flawless look, and then you can really build on what they’re buying.”

“For consumers who really want to be able to put their foundation on in a professional way, sell them a foundation brush and show them how to use it. Teach them how to put on the least amount of foundation and build up if they need to. Get a line of foundation brushes to retail,” recommends Katz. Tatman agrees, saying, “Tools are a very big part of a flawless makeup application and should be of high quality. A good foundation and blush brush will last forever.”

Blush It Up

“Fresh, clean, clear, sheer colors are being used in blush this season,” says Bennett. “It’s either a strong, clear pink or peach, or, for darker skin tones, a clear orange. It’s totally clear, not opaque.” As far as blush application is concerned, it depends on where you’re going, says Scott. “We’re in a period where we’ve seen years of trends behind us and can take from them and be OK,” he says. “If you’re going for that cute, fresh look, try a pink glow on the apples of the cheeks. If [she] is going out at night and wants to look like a sex bomb, contour the cheeks. I think that’s why things are more fun this season.” According to Luque, he sees the apples-of-the-cheek look being the one for the future: “The trend is going to go back and forth with the nude look.”

Luscious Lips

Although nude and pale pink still reign supreme in spring, bright color is also being represented, with bright oranges, pinks and reds for the lips, says Luque. Glossy is still big, but the new matte was the talk of the runways. “It’s not the dry, cakey, clay like matte. This is more of a velvet matte. It plays with light, but it’s not reflective. It makes lips look lush without being dry,” explains Bennett.