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Arylessence Describes 9 Scents That Will Catch Attention in 2014

Posted: December 17, 2013

Based on a study of U.S. consumers' passion for new and innovative fragrances, perfumers at fragrance company Arylessence have predicted nine fragrance styles that will stimulate consumer interest in sensory-driven brands in beauty and personal care, air care, laundry, household cleaners, private label, and other key product categories in 2014.

“Our perfumers, evaluators and marketing experts have identified fragrance styles that consumers will expect to see in the products they buy next year,” says Arylessence president Steve Tanner. “These styles pinpoint where fragrances and consumers connect and how consumer product marketers can shape and evolve their brands to create new and exciting sensory experiences.”

The nine identified fragrance notes and styles reflect innovative themes and classic traditions, Arylessence perfumers say, with each style offering powerful sensory notes and accords to add new dimension, fascination, and allure to consumer brands. “There is a return to luxury and a new kind of smoothness and creaminess in these styles,” explains Heather Sims, Arylessence's director of perfumery. “That’s because consumers today are looking for that special, intimate feeling in scents that touch their skin, freshen the wash, or fragrance their homes.”

The key fragrance styles for 2014 include:

“This is a glimpse into the future of fragrance,” says Michelle Harper, Arylessence's director of evaluation. “We are seeing luxury expressed in new way, and also how the role of florals can be powerfully enhanced and amplified by surprising and unexpected combinations with fruit, berry, spice, green, and gourmand notes. These creative, innovative ideas are influencing consumers today, and will continue to shape expectations in the coming year. This is where fragrance is heading.”