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Study Explores Consumer Attachment to Naturals/Organics

Posted: January 21, 2008
According to The Benchmarking Company’s new "The Age of Naturals" report, 93% of all women might or would be willing to try a new beauty brand if it earned the USDA Organic Seal. When asked to check reasons (among many) why women buy natural/organic beauty products, 80% said they were better for their skin and 64% cited they didn’t want chemicals on their skin as their top two reasons. Another 27% cited that the ingredients in traditional beauty products were harmful to her health.

“Consumers have been inundated with headlines focusing on lead in lipstick, off-label uses of pharmaceuticals in cosmetics, the potential perils of parabens and other ingredients, Chinese product recalls and global warming caused by manmade toxins. But nowhere has the fear of ingredients been felt more acutely than in the beauty industry,” said Alisa Marie Beyer, president and CEO of The Benchmarking Company. “Consumer demand for natural and organic beauty brands may just be the single most important issue to impact the beauty industry in its history.”

The wide-ranging report, the first of The Benchmarking Company’s Pink Reports of the year and the most comprehensive of its kind, covers women’s natural and organic beauty brand motivations, fears, attitudes, purchasing habits, marketing preferences, willingness to explore inside/out beauty offerings, believability of manufacturer’s claims, overall trust factors, shopping habits, and specific reasons why certain brands are purchased and certain brands are overlooked, as well as comprehensive buyer profiles. More than 80 natural and organic skin care, makeup and hair care brands were tracked for this study.

“Our goal in developing this study was to offer a complete blueprint for beauty brands that market natural or organic products to women. Too often, studies are one-dimensional, offering a sea of sales data or limited consumer points of view,” explained Beyer. “The Age of Naturals explores not only a well rounded picture of women who are natural beauty buyers already, but we offer valuable data from non-naturals buyers to arrive at a clear view of why women do and do not buy a brand or trust a manufacturer. When a brand has both sides of detailed consumer viewpoints, marketing changes can be made to keep current buyers while gaining new ones.”

Highlights of the report include:

· 61% of all women agree it is difficult to tell which beauty brands are natural or organic and which are not.