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Study Explores Consumer Attachment to Naturals/Organics

Posted: January 21, 2008

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· 93% of all women might or would be willing to try a beauty brand if it has earned the USDA Organic Seal.

· Women want to feel safer, and 89% of them feel that companies should be more forthcoming about which products are truly natural and which are not. Ingredients she’s particularly leery of include artificial fragrances (54%); silicone (43%) and gluten (34%). Parabens are not wanted in cosmetics by a quarter of naturals buyers and only 15% of traditional buyers; and hydroquinone is unwanted by 21% of natural buyers and 11% of traditional buyers.

· When thinking about beauty products, the term “-FREE”, meaning free of harmful chemicals, etc.) was her top choice as most appealing terminology on a beauty label at 73%. Terms like clean, antioxidant, natural, and hypoallergenic followed. Her least favored terms, from a list of 17 choices, are: therapeutic 40%, radiant 37%, dermatology 32% and science, dead last at 9%.

· Women were asked to rank their believability of 7 actual beauty brand claims. The claims she felt were most believable were those with a clear explanation of nature’s benefits to her skin using soothing, fresh and natural language. Claims using clinical terms and statistics left her cold and she found them least believable.

· Women are very in-tune to the socially and ethically responsible activities of corporate America, and she is becoming more interested in how responsible her beauty manufacturers are as well. When considering purchase decisions, she places great importance on a company’s stance on animal testing, recycling, and the use of sustainable products, below. Most women (87%) have never read a Corporate Social Responsibility report from a beauty manufacturer, although 57% of those who hadn’t indicated they would be interested in doing so.