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Study Explores Consumer Attachment to Naturals/Organics

Posted: January 21, 2008

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· When asked which manufacturer’s product she would be more likely to trust as natural or organic between a new product made from a small company that ONLY makes natural or organic beauty products and a new natural/organic beauty product made from a well-known maker of traditional beauty products, 29% of all respondents said they would more readily trust the smaller natural/organic only product maker. Thirty-one percent of respondents would trust both types of companies equally, 22% would trust a well-known maker of traditional beauty products and 18% would be skeptical of both types of companies.

· Women are most eager to try (74%) a consumable beauty product that can be eaten “on the go” and 72% would prefer a beauty supplement in a pill or capsule form. The least favored delivery system for a nutricosmetic was a drink made from a powder, with 52% of women saying they would not be willing to try it.

· If there was a cosmetic watchword for 2007, that word was “mineral.” Forty-three percent of all women say they currently use mineral makeup, and 76% of all women believe it to be a natural product. They use it because it really works and is natural (50%) and they also feel it is safe for their skin (49%). For the 57% who don’t currently use mineral makeup, it’s just a matter of time. Thirty-four percent of those who don’t use it aren’t yet having any problems with their current brand. Those who don’t use it have very little negative comments about it—they feel that mineral is credible.

· While mass brands are the most widely used, Bare Escentuals holds a special place in her heart and wallet. Seventy-three percent of all women know the brand; 26% use it; 24% feel it is the BEST makeup product on the market— regardless of price—and 33% would recommend it to a friend.

· When women were asked if there was something they wished their current natural/organic brand did, but does not currently do, the response was very clear. Women simply want more buying options. Beyond the usual “I wish it was less expensive” response given by 69% of respondents, 38% wish it was easier to find or buy; 36% want sampler sets; 22% want complimentary products for other areas of their bodies; 17% want gift sets, and 12% wish it offered complimentary products for other members of their families. Wanting the product to work more effectively came in at 14%.