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Talking Beauty and Wellness with Peter Lamas of Lamas Beauty

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: August 31, 2009

Founder of Lamas Beauty talks about marketing platforms and products built and dependant on a “beauty from the inside” platform, as well as the impact of an evolving perception of wellness and beauty.

GCI: There’s been a great deal of press coverage and marketing platforms built and dependant on a “beauty from the inside” concept. It seems to me that wellbeing, health and “beauty” have never been mutually exclusive concepts. Where along our industry’s path did beauty and wellness diverge? Or, did they never really diverge but advances in products/formulas/delivery—which now provide benefits that are more than simply cosmetic—make the connections much clearer, and, therefore, easier to market?

Lamas: In the past three to five years, consumers have really caught onto this concept [of what you eat or put into your body affects your overall health] in the beauty industry as well. These consumers have become more sensitive to what is in their products, and that’s when they’ve made the link between beauty heath, and vice versa.

GCI: Is there a danger of the word “wellness,” as used to promote products, simply becoming a buzzword that consumers will simply discount?

Lamas: As a consumer, not everyone can trust that every company will live up to its full potential when using the words “natural,” “organic” or “wellness.” There are no defined guidelines to regulate these words and this lack of standards makes the word wellness easier to dilute. Certain companies that consumers have come to identify with, have built a reputation based on a higher standard. Consumers rely more on these companies when they use the words “natural,” “organic” or “wellness;” but it’s getting to this level that is challenging for many companies.