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Exclusive Book Preview: The Encyclopedia of Ultraviolet Filters

Posted: February 12, 2007

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2. Another icon lists ten major organizations that regulate ultraviolet filters in their own countries, namely: ASEAN (AN), Australia/New Zealand (AU), Canada (CA), People’s Republic of China (CN), European Union (EU), South Korea (KS), Japan ( JP), MERCOSUR (MR), the United States (US) and South Africa (ZA).

3. Each UV filter has a product identification listing its molecular formula, molecular weight, chemical abstracts service (CAS) number, the EINECS number, its USAN name (United States Adopted Name), other common names as well as trade names and suppliers. A major obstacle for practitioners in sunscreens is the confusion generated by the use of trade names, USAN, INCI, IUPAC or common names for the same ultraviolet filter. The inclusion of all of these names in the ”Compendium“ will assist in the demystifying of names of ultraviolet filters in use.

4. The Toxicity data and Regulatory status of each ultraviolet filter approved worldwide are listed where available. For Europe, the EEC designation along with the COLIPA (S-number) is listed. The maximum allowable concentration (MC) for each UV filter is also included. The reader should double-check all of these regulations with their supplier and the government agency involved prior to committing any resources solely based on the compilation of the data in this book.

5. Stability and storage conditions are outlined for each UV filter.

6. The molecular weight and formula of each ultraviolet filter are listed along with a drawing of the molecular structure.