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Apr 29, 2016 | 09:56 AM CDT

Coty Expands Consumer Beauty Division With New VP

Shannon Curtin, former Walgreens beauty VP, joins Coty as senior vice president.

Apr 28, 2016 | 04:48 PM CDT

Hair Regrowth Propelling New Growth in Beauty Devices

Top drivers include an aging baby boomer generation, as well as consumers' willingness to try new devices.

Apr 27, 2016 | 03:43 PM CDT

The "Anti-Amazon" Approach to Prestige Beauty E-tail

New analysis from L2 details what FeelUnique did right in the United Kingdom.

Apr 27, 2016 | 03:27 PM CDT

Safe Cosmetics Modernization Act is on a Roll

Support for H.R. 4075, the Safe Cosmetics Modernization Act, is gaining momentum with recent backing from two U.S. congressional leaders, including a Democratic cosponsor. ICMAD applauds the move.

Apr 27, 2016 | 03:08 PM CDT

Global vs Local: Why Do They Buy?

New Nielsen research shows that a brand's origin can be as important or more important to consumers than price, selection and quality.

Apr 27, 2016 | 02:55 PM CDT

Meet the Newest ICMAD Member

Aqua+ Skincare, a company specializing in anti-pollution skin care products, is now a member of ICMAD.

Apr 27, 2016 | 09:33 AM CDT

Smooth Sailing with After-Shave Soothing Lotion

RE9 Advanced for Men After-Shave Soothing Lotion

Ay mateys! Men: don't leave your skin looking irritated and rugged like a pirate. Say ahoy to Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced for Men After-Shave Soothing Lotion to calm razor burn.

Apr 26, 2016 | 05:22 PM CDT

P&G Feels Effects of Divestitures

P&G expects sales to be down high-single digits in fiscal 2016, due to foreign exchange and the combined impacts of the Venezuela deconsolidation and minor brand divestitures.

Apr 26, 2016 | 01:53 PM CDT

BeautyKind Launches New Initiative

BeautyKind's Regulation A+ Initial Public Offering (IPO) is now allowed investments from the general public to help support the brand's growth.

Apr 26, 2016 | 01:29 PM CDT

Anatomy of a Logo: INNOCOS

Organization opens up about the motivations behind the redesign, including a focus on a beauty industry that is more unisex in its mindset.