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Collaborate and Innovate: CEW's Advancing the Industry with Ed Shirley

Posted: October 26, 2010

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We worked hard to communicate the value message—to show how this product is relevant to them. We reframed our television and print messages. Importantly, we changed our packaging and on-shelf messages to emphasize value. A lot of choices take place in the store.

The Holistic Consumer

We have been in business for 173 years, and we’ve been talking to `Her’ and the specific body parts of Her. We were somewhat of a ‘sum of the parts’ organization. We realized there was an opportunity to meet Her needs holistically and now to meet His needs holistically. Selling solutions is a big opportunity. For Her, why shouldn’t we make sure that if she is preparing herself with skin care, she [will also] complement her hair and makeup?

For Him, we had been focusing on wet shaving, but we also have deodorant, skin care, bar soaps and hair care. We don’t want the men’s business to have to relearn everything we already know [from the women’s business]. We have moved to be more collaborative and take away the internal competition.

Increasing Prestige

Along with that, we have changed our prestige fine fragrances team to address the total prestige consumer. We think our Art of Shaving brand is a diamond in the rough. We will roll out a whole portfolio of prestige guy products. Why not? There is a consumer out there who wants to delight and pamper himself. We are also adding a color cosmetics collection to our Dolce & Gabbana fragrances. We want to be available for sale where consumers want to buy the product, and some of that will be unique to each brand.

Education Still Needed

We, as an industry, have an opportunity to help educate consumers. I think they would be willing to try more and do more. It really is about helping with the `how to’ aspect. People learn in different ways. I think we need to look at all the different mediums that we can use to help them and grow the category. As an example, we recently had a Covergirl eye shadow product that achieved a smoky eye look. There was information from an expert included on the packaging [telling the consumer] how to get that look using our product.

On Innovation