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GCI Reports From HBA

By: Jeff Falk and Leslie Benson
Posted: September 8, 2008
GCI at HBA 2008

GCI continued to expand its presence at HBA, hosting the second Fragrance Business Conference and marking the launch of its redesigned website.

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Lastly, Limongi introduced Notch 2, signature mascara brushes in varying orders and styles that create different rhythms in the eyelashes when used with mascara. Notch 2 differentiates brands from classic mascara brush shapes with specific purposes in mind, including curls, volume and length.

Update Sept. 11, 10:15am EST

In an effort to symbolize the concept of scent branding, Sue Phillips, president of Scenterprises Ltd., welcomed one of her vendors, Air Aroma, to literally scent the 2008 Fragrance Business conference room at HBA in New York City on Thursday, September 11. After a moment of silence for the remembrance of the tragedies of Sept. 11, 2001, Phillips acknowledged using one of Air Aroma’s portable room scenters, which began releasing fragrant puffs of vanilla and grapefruit throughout the room during her presentation, “Scent Branding: What Your Space Says About Your Brand.”

The former Elizabeth Arden, Tiffany & Company and Lancôme employee, who now runs her own U.S. fragrance consultancy, discussed the growing interest by the hospitality and retail industries in scent branding and odor neutralization. “Advertising Age named scent marketing as one of the top 10 trends to watch for in 2007,” Phillips said.

Outside luxury hotels, restaurants and casinos, it seems, according to Phillips, European movie theaters have also posed interest in the scent branding concept, having recently introduced audiences to “The Scent of Summer” during Nivea ads before feature films. With 45% of our perceptions stemming from the sense of smell—the second most important sense after sight (at 58%)—Phillips said signature brand scents greatly increase brand recognition among consumers. For instance, the Langham UK international hotels have a signature scent of ginger flower, while Jimmy Choo stores offer a combination of spicy cardamom and ivy.

However, Phillips noted, when a perfumer or fragrance company is creating a signature scent for a property, consistency is the key, as is answering the following questions: What materials will be used to build the interior and exterior design of the property? What is its geographic location? What type of architecture is the property? And what about its style and color schemes?

Phillips believes the answers to these questions will help keep a property’s brand consistent among numerous locations for the best brand recognition.