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Cosmoprof Bologna to Explore Trends

Posted: March 3, 2009

For its 2009 event (Apr 3–6), Cosmoprof Bologna is launching a section designed to introduce innovative, emerging trends in the industry. This concept will be prominently located in the CosmOFF Lab Pavilion, and will feature a new trend daily. The five new trends that will be highlighted over the course of the five day event are: theatre, India, vegetables and fruits, dream and technology. Presentations are by invitation only.

An overview of the trends and concepts the show will explore:

Theatre takes on many forms—often utilizing elements such as speech, gesture, music, dance and spectacle—allowing visual and performing arts the ability to transform according to trends. Similarly, in the beauty industry beauty products have the ability to transform appearances utilizing several elements such as testimonials, before and after shots, and innovative ingredients.

India has experienced explosive growth within the beauty sector due to its culture rich in vibrant colors, exotic ingredients and textures. Women are highly respected in India allowing their unique approach to beauty and fashion to transcend continents. CosmOFF will explore the natural, tropical ingredients that these women have used for centuries. Their beauty recipes consist of fruits, rose petals, nuts, milk, yogurt, honey, neem, clay, sandalwood, and most of all, ayurvedic herbs.

Vegetables and fruits explores "you are what you eat." Many beauty companies have capitalized on this trend of infusing antioxidants from fruits and vegetables into their beauty products. A healthy diet has been shown to be reflected in healthy skin, and this trend will only get bigger with the organic movement. CosmOFF will delve into how these simple nutrients are primed to produce mega dollars in the beauty industry.