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Aug 07, 2006 | 04:23 PM CDT

Live from New York: Sharing the Fantasy

By: Nancy Jeffries

The Fashion Group International welcomed industry leaders, innovations were discussed at HBA’s mid-year conferences, The Fragrance Foundation hosted a panel discussion, ICMAD held its regulatory workshop and CEW was as busy as ever.

Jun 26, 2006 | 04:49 PM CDT

DS Containers: A Virtual UN

DS Containers
By: Jeff Falk

DS Containers, a Japanese-American partnership, recently celebrated the grand opening of its Batavia, Illinois plant. U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert and representatives of Daiwa—the company’s Japanese partner, which invested $100 million to the operation—were on hand as the company fired up its assembly lines in Batavia, Illinois...

Jun 06, 2006 | 04:40 PM CDT

Fragrance Awards, Beauty Trends and the Scent of Peace

By: Jeff Falk

A community-conscious fragrance launch, futuristic fashion finds on the runway, designer hair highlighted, Dempsy describes journey to top and olfactory wizardry touted.

May 08, 2006 | 02:10 PM CDT

Color Cosmetics and Luxurious Locks

By: Nancy Jeffries

It's warming up in New York—Isa Dora launches summer line, Nioxin turns up the volume and Incaton Charms.

Mar 09, 2006 | 12:35 PM CST

Luxury, Fragrance and the Retail Outlook

By: Nancy Jeffries

From classic fragrances to new fragrances and trends.

Jan 26, 2006 | 04:17 PM CST

FGI Names Rising Stars

The Fashion Group International handed out its 9th annual Rising Star Awards to Clement Gavarry and Laurice Rahmé...

Jan 12, 2006 | 01:59 PM CST

Fragrance Foundation Honors Lauder

The Fragrance Foundation announced that Evelyn H. Lauder will be honored with the Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2006 FiFi Awards.

Jan 10, 2006 | 01:05 PM CST

Visions, Debuts and Trends

By: Nancy Jeffries

Ann Gottlieb discusses the business of fragrance; Tom Ford launches new line; Fashion Group International previews 2006 trends; and Cosmetic Executive Women address multicultural marketing...