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Biolie Highlights Ruby Red Natural Dye Alternative

Biolie now offers Ruby Red, a natural alternative to synthetic red dyes that is derived from alkanet root. The ingredient additionally imparts antioxidant and skin repairing and soothing properties.

Cobiosa’s Pore Reductyl NT for Skin-tightening, Al-free Sweat Reduction

Cobiosa has presented its natural astringent, Pore Reductyl NT, as a way to improve skin smoothness, tightness and moisture. The ingredient also reduces excess skin sweating for aluminum-free antiperspirants.

Ingredient Trends 2020-2021, Part 2

Part 2 of 2: From ingestible technology to clean and green materials, new breakthroughs abound.

In Hand Sanitizer We Trust: Goodbye 2020

Beauty is entering 2021 in a very changed world that will reshape it for years to come.

L’Oréal x LanzaTech x Total Debut Carbon-capture Plastic Bottle

"We have the ambition to use this sustainable material in our bottle of shampoo and conditioner by 2024 and we hope other companies will join us in using this breakthrough innovation.”

WWP Beauty Names William Jiang Asia Pacific Managing Director

WWP hopes to strengthen its innovation pipeline as well as provide a more seamless full-service experience to customers worldwide.

Brook & Whittle Announce West Coast's Tri Print Partnership

The partnership emphasizes Brook and Whittle's continued expansion on the West Coast.

Shiseido Announces Animal Crossing Movie Collaboration

On the same day as the movie’s release, Shiseido will also release a making-of video on our official twitter accounts.

Alibaba.com Announces B2B Digitization Program

The Digitization Sprint program helps United States manufactures and builds on recent Alibaba.com United States online trade shows.

Packaging Surface Treatments for COVID-19 in Development

The research has been launched at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

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