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Innovative Glass Mascara and Lip Gloss Packaging by Baralan USA

Baralan USA has developed a new mascara and lip gloss applicator to fit its 8 ml stock glass bottle.

EU Plans Cosmetic Ingredient Glossary

A draft notification from the European Commission proposes making changes to existing cosmetic ingredient inventories.

Opal Glass Boston Rounds at McKernan Packaging Clearing House

These Opal Glass Boston Rounds are new to McKernan’s Continuous Stock line.

Chanel N°5 Limited Edition Glass Bottle by Verescence

Verescence supplied the red glass bottle for the limited-edition Chanel N°5 fragrance.

Full-service Beauty Packaging by Queens Packaging Co., Ltd.

Queens Packaging Co., Ltd., is a full-service cosmetic and personal care packaging manufacturing company with sales offices in Los Angeles and Shanghai.

Stick RT Long Cap by Yonwoo/PKG

Yonwoo/PKG Stick RT is for both single-use and multiuse products, including foundation, cheek and lip, or skin care and SPF.

Microsponge N 709RE by Health & Beauty Solutions

Clinically proven to provide stability, sustained release and reduced irritation, this powder is easily dispersed into formulations.

AlphaAging - CitroGreen Active by Acme-Hardesty Company

According to the company, efficacy data shows a 38% reduction of wrinkles in 30 days.

Custom Airless Tubes by APC Packaging

These tubes are meant to cleanly and conveniently dispense a product, while also protecting the formulations.

Natural Hyaluronic Acid Alternative (from Tremella Mushroom)

This tremella mushroom extract is a plant-based alternative to standard hyaluronic acid.

Charkit Earns Responsible Distribution Verification

Responsible Distribution is the National Association of Chemical Distributor’s (NACD) third‐party verified environmental, health, safety, and security program. It allows members to demonstrate their commitment to continuous performance improvement in every phase of chemical storage, handling, transportation and disposal.

Slow Men's Skin Aging with Naolys Active

The natural ingredient harnesses the antioxidant and firming properties of sequoia trees to reduce signs of aging, such as wrinkles.

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