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[video] Natural, Sustainable Surfactant

Sustainable, eco-friendly and gentle cleansing is the name of the game for a new surfactant from Pilot Chemical. Shoab Arif, research chemist for the company, explained these and other benefits during the NYSCC Suppliers' Day. Watch the video to learn more.

Voyant is Here

Vee Pak, CEI (Cosmetic Essence Innovations) and Aware Products have assembled under a new banner to offer manufacturing resources that support growth and speed to market.

Weakened Skin Strengthened via Barrier-boosting Active

This ingredient restores skin, for use in products targeted at weakened, damaged, very dry or irritated skin, including aftershave and tattoo care.

IFF Unveils Updated Purpose, Brand Identity

“We want to be ahead, doing more and doing it better than the rest,” said chairman and CEO Andreas Fibig. “Our new purpose and Uncommon Sense brand are aiming high, but I believe our purpose should bring our people together while making us stretch beyond what we think is possible today.”

[video] Puttin' on the Glitz with Treated Sericite

What gives color cosmetics good coverage and staying power? A new surface-treated sericite from Brenntag, for one. The company demonstrated this at NYSCC Suppliers' Day. Check out the video.

Olay to Launch Refillable Packaging

“The ultimate goal is to find and adopt many more sustainable packaging solutions, and the refillable Olay Regenerist Whip package is the first step of that journey,” said Anitra Marsh, associate director of brand communications, global skin and personal care brands at P&G.

L'Oréal and Alibaba Bring Mobile Acne Analysis to China

According to L’Oréal, this technology is the world’s first web app to analyze acne-prone skin and in China, 80% of young individuals are afflicted by acne. The new partnership gives Chinese consumers access to advice.

Minnesota Joins States Lifting School Sunscreen Bans

Students may now use sunscreen during the school day on school property or at school-sponsored events. The language was added to an education finance budget bill signed by Gov. Tim Walz.

The Future is Pre-loved

The safety and efficacy issues related to reused/resold beauty products is undoubtedly more complex than those facing the fashion world but consumer demand, sustainable business requirements and potential new revenue streams beckon.

Ingredients & Ethical Beauty: New Innovation Roundup

New and award-winning technologies from the latest global events.

Micro Powders Launches Biodegradable Microplastic Alternatives

These wax-based ingredients provide exfoliation and aesthetic benefits to formulations.

Sustainable Emulsions via Stephenson Ingredient Range

This range of mild emulsifiers can reportedly create cosmetic creams, lotions and foaming oils with sustainable and natural claims.

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