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Clariant's Waterin Plus Naturally Mimics Skin for Water Retention

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Clariant's Waterin Plus is a moisturizer made of a carbohydrate complex derived from plants that mimics the carbohydrate composition typically found in the stratum corneum.


Clariant has created Waterin Plus (INCI: Saccharide Isomerate (and) Water (Aqua) Glycerin (and) Sodium Levulinate (and) p-Anisic Acid), an eco-friendly moisturizer based on a sugarcane-derived carbohydrate complex that reportedly mimics the water-holding carbohydrate composition naturally found in skin’s stratum corneum.

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The active restores moisture, overcomes dryness, improves the skin condition and resilience, and reduces itch and discomfort even up to four days after product application, according to Clariant.

Waterin Plus supplements the skin in hygroscopic elements to alleviate the consequences of dehydration. Clinical evaluations of the active versus placebo and glycerin demonstrated its long-term hydrating effects; while the moisturizing effects of glycerin and the placebo quickly deteriorated, the ingredient retained and trapped moisture to provide a continuous effect.

The ingredient also improved texture and softness, which are reportedly correlated with hydration benefits. After 28 days, volunteers additionally reported higher skin elasticity and suppleness, revealing a better skin condition.

Waterin Plus is recommended for use at 1-5%; its appearance is a slightly yellow liquid; and it is water-soluble.

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