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DSM’s Alpaflor Alp-Sebum CB Prebiotic Balances Oily Skin

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DSM has released updated studies on its multifunctional organic prebiotic bioactive, Alpaflor Alp-Sebum CB, to combat oily skin, enlarged pores and sensitive and acne-prone skin.


DSM’s Alpaflor Alp-Sebum CB (INCI: Epilobium Fleischeri Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract) is a sustainable, organic prebiotic that reduces skin oiliness and balances the microbiome.

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According to DSM, the prebiotic moderates sebum production by inhibiting the key enzyme 5-α-reductase. In addition, recent studies have shown this skin active also modulates the bacteria on all facial areas, restoring skin's healthy appearance. More specifically, the prebiotic down-regulates Cutibacterium acnes levels, thus reducing sebum over-production and controlling oiliness on prominent areas of the face such as the forehead.

With the help of 3D facial color mapping, the company demonstrated that after 4 weeks of application, Alpaflor Alp-Sebum CB reduced sebum levels by 17%, especially on the forehead and cheeks, leaving skin less oily and more mattified.

This bioactive ingredient is COSMOS approved and NATRUE organic and Fair Trade for Life certified.

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