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P2’s Bioderived Citropol H for Hair, Skin and APDO Applications

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P2 Science’s Citropol H is a patented biorenewable, biodegradable liquid polymer for skin, hair, deodorant, antiperspirant and color cosmetic applications.


P2 Science, Inc. (P2) has announced the launch of a bioderived and patented alternative to 350 cSt dimethicone (silicone) cosmetic fluids, Citropol H (INCI: Polycitronellol).

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Citropol H is part of the patented Citropol range from P2 that is reportedly biorenewable, biodegradable and biocompatible medium viscosity cosmetics polymer. It is derived from sustainable feedstocks and is a viable natural alternative to dimethicone 350 cPs.

Citropol H imparts a lightweight, velvety feel in personal care and cosmetics formulations and is compatible with skin and hair care, deodorant/antiperspirant applications and color cosmetics.

P2 has demonstrated how Citropol H performs in a leave-in hair cream, whipped body cream and a natural deodorant stick that reportedly was perceived to leave no film. The ingredient will benefit formulators looking for a smooth, clear and functional cosmetics fluid.

“This is our sixth product launch since April and is in direct response to a huge need communicated to us by our customers,” said Neil Burns, CEO of P2. “Citropol H is one more safe, bioderived, benign product from P2 that brings the power and elegance of green chemistry directly to the formulator. This new 350 cSt fluid is sure to be a winner based on our own experience formulating with it. We can’t wait to hear what the market thinks once samples are in the hands of our customers.”

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