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How do I submit an article or an idea for consideration to GCI magazine?
GCI magazine considers cutting-edge, timely articles pertaining to the beauty industry, and particularly those focusing on branding, marketing and product development. All articles must be exclusive to the magazine, and ideas that have been pitched to or published in other industry trades will not be considered. Please send your query to Jeb Gleason-Allured, cheif editor, at jallured@allured.com or call 630-344-6069. A copy of GCI magazine’s author guidelines can be found at GCImagazine.com/guidelines.
Where can I get my company listed in the magazine?
GCI magazine features Go, Added Value, Street Level, Fragrance Focus, Main Ingredients, Wrap Up and Calendar of Events.
Go highlights innovative ideas, trends and interesting industry tidbits. Added Value covers industry events and happenings. Street Level discusses finished beauty product launches and news from beauty brands. Fragrance Focus targets new fine fragrance launches and companies. Main Ingredients focuses on new beauty ingredient launches and developments, as well as ingredient supplier news, and Wrap Up keys in on new beauty packaging launches and packing supplier news. The Calendar of Events lists upcoming beauty industry events. Information and press releases for Go, Added Value, Street Level, Fragrance Focus, Main Ingredients and Wrap Up can be send to jnovoseletsky@allured.com. Industry events can be submitted through the GCI website here.
How do I get listed in the GCI Directory of Suppliers?
Visit www.gcimagazine.com/directory and select “I'm new and want to list my company.” Create a user name and password that you will need to remember and follow the steps listed. Have questions? E-mail gcidirectory@allured.com.
What is your claim policy?
We do not accept claims for free subscriptions. If you did not receive an issue, you can purchase a copy while supplies last. You can also view the entire content of the missed issue online by signing up for the free digital edition. If you paid for your subscription, please submit your claim within 3 months of non-receipt for processing. Send your claim with complete account details to customerservice@gcimagazine.com.
Where do I change my address to continue receiving my free subscription?
Send address changes to customerservice@gcimagazine.com or GCI magazine, 336 Gundersen Drive, Suite A, Carol Stream, IL 60188. When requesting a change of address, give both the old and new addresses. Allow two months for the change to become effective.
Is there a free option for international subscribers?
Our international subscribers can gain free access to all the excellent information in GCI by subscribing to our digital edition at www.gcimagazine.com/magazine.