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2006 Issues

December 2006 GCI Cover

December 2006

New Spin on Air Care

The Power of the Internet

Packaging Directory

November 2006 GCI Cover

November 2006

Material Issues

Product Development 101

New Skin Care Actives

October 2006 GCI Cover

October 2006

Working Up a Lather

Motivation by Career Development

Testing Equipment Directory

September 2006 GCI Cover

September 2006

Dyeing to Get it Right

Effective Sampling Strengthens Brands

Innovating Efficient Collaboration

August 2006 GCI Cover

August 2006

Is Silicone the Fountain of Youth?

Engaging Consumers with Packaging

Spa Product Ingredient Supplier Directory

July 2006 GCI Cover

July 2006


June 2006 GCI Cover

June 2006

Integrating Science and Nature

Spa Products' Limitless Future

12 Truths About the Naturals Consumer

May 2006 GCI Cover

May 2006

Color's Emerging Strategy Urges Trade Up

Virtual Prototyping Gains Momentum

Testing Seeks Earlier Involvement

April 2006 GCI Cover

April 2006

The New Fragrance Mecca

Product Protection

Creating the Perfect Product

March 2006 GCI Cover

March 2006

Propelling Toward the Future

Finding Your Niche in Salon Hair Care

Nail Care Knows No Bounds

February 2006 GCI Cover

February 2006

Sun Care Radiates Untapped Success

SPF Test Debate Sizzles

Packaging Equipment Evolves

January 2006 GCI Cover

January 2006

Finding Inspiration for Household Soap

Private Label Takes on Skin Care

Who's Who: Testing Labs and Equipment