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August 2010

Table of Contents:

Business Articles

Utilizing Green Supply Chains

Simon Kaye, CEO, Jaguar Freight

The Whole Picture—A Professional Beauty Photo Shoot

Jesse Hill and Aniko Hill

Taking Your Brand to the Streets

Joan Pisoni

Technology, Science and Beauty Innovation

Donna C. Barson


Steve Herman

The Pros of Private Label

Lisa Doyle

The Crossover

Jeff Falk

Markets & Trends Articles

Sunscreen Efficacy

Elsa Jungman, University of Paris XI, and Howard I. Maibach, MD, University of California

Lauder Evolving Retail Strategy in Buenos Aires

Cristina Kroll

Big Potential in Tiny Consumers

Carrie Lennard, Euromonitor International

A Market Fit—The Evolution of Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Abby Penning