July 2010

Table of Contents:

Business Articles

Pragmatic Approaches—Online Extras Web Exclusive

Jeff Falk

The Imperative Relevance of Ethnic Hair Care

Liz Grubow and Elle Morris

Pragmatic Approaches

Jeff Falk

The Mysteries of R&D, Part I

Art Rich, PhD

Markets & Trends Articles

The Rebuilding of Bar Soap Web Exclusive

Abby Penning

Consumer-driven Change—Supplier Insights Web Exclusive

Alexandra Voigt

Looking for Insight

Jeff Falk

Avon’s Brazilian Growth May Warrant Second Facility

Fernanda Bonifacio

Consumer-driven Change

Alexandra Voigt

New Avenues Pick Up Slack in Fragrance Sales

Nancy C. Hayden

Paths to Purchase

Sara Mason

Retail Display—Three Viewpoints That Matter in Today’s Economy

Andrew Freedman

What’s Next for Bath and Body Care?

Carrie Lennard, Euromonitor International