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2011 Issues

December 2011

Asian/Latina Consumers

Packaging Innovations

Top Trends in Beauty

New Ingredient Report/Overview

Hair Care

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November 2011

Branding Through Fragrance

State of Packaging


Importance of Efficacy

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September 2011

Media Mix Conveys Heart of Brand

When Summer Fades, Consumers' Skin Concerns Remain

Looking Back to Move a Brand Forward

Sustainability: Embracing New Approaches

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July/​August 2011

Fragrance Trends

Managing/Choosing Retail Channels

Sustainable Packaging

Ingredient Innovations

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June 2011

Claims/Competing for Shelf Space

Ethnic Hair Care

Packaging to Reflect Brand Positioning; Consumer Lifestyle


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May 2011

Private Label Strategies

Sample Packaging/Brand Impact

Ensuring Sustainability in Sourcing Ingredients

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April 2011

Packaging Design Trends

Color Ingredients for Brand Differentiation

Color Market Report

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March 2011

Connection in India

Testing, Testing... 1,2,3

The Whole Package

Market Intelligence at Work

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January/​February 2011

Smile—Oral Care Market Set to Grow

Getting Close to Consumers

The Sweet Smell of Your Brand’s Success

Doing More With Less

Opportunities and Advantages in Green

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