May 2012

Table of Contents:

Business Articles

If Selling is in Your Future, Move Quickly Web Exclusive

George Spilka

May the Force Be With You

Jeff Falk

A Study in Brand Engineering

Remyi Fredson-Cole

Achieving an Even Skin Tone

Katerina Steventon, PhD

Beauty Typography: A Window Into Brand Personality

Aniko Hill

The Visual Signal

Len Loffler

Hot and Cold

Steve Herman

Markets & Trends Articles

Growth; Exports of Mexico's Beauty Industry Boosting Economy

Cristina Kroll

The Role of Science in Beauty

Liz Grubow and Elle Morris

Colombia's Golden Triangle—Biodiverse and Market-friendly

Nancy Jeffries

Sun Shining on Sun Care

Nicole Tyrimou, Euromonitor International

Defining Cosmeceuticals

Sara Mason

From Global to Local and Back Again

Cara Eaton, Christophen Toumit and Regan Tillou