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June 2020

Table of Contents:

Business Articles

Coronavirus Impact Series: Packaging

9 Predictions for Indie Beauty’s Future

Karen Yarussi-King, Global Regulatory Associates

5 Predictions for Cosmetics Packaging

Phil Wild, James Cropper

The Beauty of Mindfulness

Cherie Buziak, BeautyEdge

Customization Within Reach: How Brands Can Personalize Their Offer in Retail

Emily Cristoforis, Director of Strategy at Vault49

Markets & Trends Articles

Is Skin Care the New Hair Care?

Cat Woods

7 Color Cosmetic Opportunities Amid COVID-19

The Many “Drybars of…”

Ada Polla, Alchimie Forever

Inside the Hand Sanitizer Boom

Rachel Grabenhofer, managing editor, Cosmetics & Toiletries, with additional editorial assistance

Defense & Care for the New Normal

Beauty Gets Personal—Part 3 of 3: Hair Care

Denise Herich, The Benchmarking Company

If We Open, Will they Come?

Jeb Gleason-Allured