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The D'Amelio Sisters Collab With Morphe for Morphe 2 Makeup Line

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The D'Amelio Sisters are collaborating with Morphe for its Morphe 2 makeup line.

Morphe has announced a collaboration with the D'Amelio sisters- famous for their viral videos on Tik Tok- to launch its new sub-brand called Morphe 2 featuring dewy and glowing looks that is set to debut on July 30, pointing to a post-Jeffree Star future after parting ways with the makeup mogul.

As one of the first major Tik Tok influencer launches, the D'Amelio sisters Charli, 16,  and Dixie, 18,  said with Morphe they are working together to show customers that they are beautiful with or without makeup, according to Allure magazine. 

According to its Instagram page, the collection includes:

  • Hint Hint Skin Tint (available in 20 shades) 
  • Wondertint Cheek & Lip Mousse (available in four shades)
  • Jelly Eye Shimmer (available in six shades)
  • Gloss Pop Face & Eye Gloss
  • Glassified Lip Oil (available in six shades)
  • The Sweep Life Brush Collection and bag


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