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Etat Libre d’Orange’s Latest Smells Like Trash

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I Am Trash fragrance

Photo provided by Etat Libre d’Orange

Luxury French fragrance brand, État Libre d’Orange and PR agency, Ogilvy Paris, have announced the release of its I am Trash, Les fleurs du Dechet perfume.   

Inspired by creating a fragrance that reuses the waste created from other perfumes, État Libre d’Orange worked with Givaudan’s R&D department to create a perfume with its upcycled materials. The fragrance includes top notes of bitter orange, apple essence, Guatemalan lemongrass and green tangerine; heart notes of rose absolute, Iso E super and Gariguette strawberry; and base notes of cedarwood atlas, sandalore and akigalwood.

"Trash is normally not regarded as beautiful but with I am Trash, Les fleurs du Déchêt, beauty is found in waste. Taking the old and reinventing it to be new again. In a different form. A thing of beauty," said Etienne De Swardt, founder and CEO at État Libre d’Orange.