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3 Growing Skin and Scalp Care Trends

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Spa headbands have seen an increase in interest as it offers utility and style.

Spate has announced the U.S. consumer trends that have received the most attention as of January 2021. 

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1. Spa Headbands

With spas still closed, consumers are looking to create at-home spa experiences. Spa headbands have seen a 138.8% increase in interest since last year. On average, there are 8,000 searches for spa headbands in the United States every month.

This trend is mainly consumer driven, although there are searches for the brand Kitsch.

2. Ice Rollers

Another skin care related trend: ice rollers. On average, there are 5,800 searches for ice rollers in the United States every month and interest has grown 70.5% since last year.

This skin care device can help alleviate puffiness in the faces and eyes and provide an easy at home treatment. This needs to be stored in the fridge to remain cold which is why the skin care fridge is still trending.

The brand Zoë Ayla is among the top searches for ice rollers. 

3. Scalp Serums

Consumers are expanding their interest in serums to scalp serums as they seek out serums with hair thinning, purifying, energizing and soothing benefits.  

On average, there are 3,900 searches for scalp serum in the United States every month and interest has grown 59.6% since last year.

Although this category is still very niche, there are many brands playing in this space, including the Ordinary, Pura D'or, Kerastase, and Love Beauty and Planet.

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