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Oleum Vera: Delivering DIY Skin Care

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Oleum Vera allows consumers to create their own beauty products.

In the age of Blue Apron cook-it-yourself delivery kits, it was only a matter of time before similar beauty models emerged. Now, comes Oleum Vera, a “home-cooked” beauty brand that offers cleansing, moisturizing, body care, spa-style pampering, hair care and men’s body care kits that allow consumers to whip-up their own products.

Each organic, non-GMO kit comprises plant-based oils and essential oils, powdered clays (when applicable), algae and dried flower petals, and comes with a how-to booklet. Ingredients can be replenished individually.

The brand claims that it “takes inspiration from bountiful nature to create products that empower consumers to reclaim their beauty regimen, using fresh ingredients from their pantry and fridge, natural clays, and organic butters and oils.”

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Community manager Èva Morin noted that a hesitance to trust mainstream cosmetics, as well as the healthy eating movement, inspired Oleum Vera to present an alternative that allows consumers to understand what ingredients are going on their skin and hair and to know precisely how products are formulated.

Getting consumers directly involved in creating their own products supports experimentation and customization that runs counter to a one-size-fits-all industrial model.

Morin noted that this back-to-basics approach is supported with information booklets included with each kit, which contain quick recipes that can be tweaked, as well as an online community in which consumers can share recipes and troubleshooting tips. In this way, consumers are empowered to take the formulations beyond Oleum Vera’s standard offering.

The range is currently available in France via OleumVera.​com and BienManger.​com; Morin said the hope is to expand to the United States and Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe. Additional kits are being developed, though Morin was unable to provide additional details as of press time.

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