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Jojoba Desert is the world’s leading Jojoba oil provider. We are based in the heart of the Israeli desert and provide various Jojoba oil products to top international cosmetic brands, manufacturers, laboratories and distributors.

Our customers feel safe knowing that we practice responsible leadership. We carry their care by providing a stable, quality supply of unique Jojoba oil-based products and a team of R&D professionals to meet their customized needs.

As a cooperative community (Kibbutz) owned entity, we leverage over 25 years of combined pioneering spirit, world-class technological, agronomic and manufacturing expertise to bring you top quality Jojoba Oil products. Our key to success is rooted deep within our connection to the Israeli desert and its unique climate. We also cultivate innovative R&D culture to meet end-user needs through a productive partnership with our customers. Ever-driven towards excellence, from seed to oil, we carry your care in mind. The result is pure, high quality

Jojoba oil blends and a creative range of Jojoba-based products that satisfy every customer’s cosmetic needs in a wide variety of applications.


JD Jojoba Oil is 100% natural, cold-pressed, rich in Omega-9, making our products healthier, more environmentally-friendly and an efficient alternative to chemical ingredients. Jojoba Desert’s location and expertise, coupled with a rare combination of optimal growing conditions are the building blocks of our Jojoba oil’s top quality. Our next generation of products offers the most easily absorbed and soothing premium Jojoba oil and highly innovative bases for premium cosmetic product lines. JD Pure – extracted through an automated cold press process and meticulously produced to ensure the highest quality of pure, natural liquid wax. Highly refined varieties include – Golden, Organic & Colorless – each available in an odorless version. JD Rich – a unique premium line of bases which combines JD Jojoba Oil together with carefully chosen natural ingredients. It opens a new world of fresh and trendy consistencies that provide end-users with a unique sensory experience and supreme effectiveness. JD Care – exceptional formulations of high-quality JD Jojoba oil products that showcase the versatility of JD Pure and JD Rich for various applications. The line can be customized to meet our customers’ needs for a more personalized cosmetic experience.

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