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[webinar] 3 Ways to Drive Beauty Brand Growth

November 12, 2019 at 12:00 PM CST

As they grow, brands can break through growth obstacles by optimizing their operations, financing, teams and more. Hosted by Jeb Gleason-Allured, editor in chief of Global Cosmetic Industry, this free webinar will offer real-world insights on achieving sustainable scale-up from an array of experienced industry insiders.


On-Demand Webcasts

[webinar] Sustainability-driven Brand Growth

Sustainability is an undeniable market force, comprising ethical practices and eco-friendly innovation. While the benefits for the environment, society and the consumer are clear, how can beauty brands leverage sustainable initiatives to grow their businesses? This series of expert briefings will outline sustainable growth lessons from across industries, highlight opportunities to rethink design and provide first-person founder insights on infusing sustainability into every facet of a brand.


[webinar] Beauty X Omnichannel

Strategies for reaching the consumer wherever, whenever. Topics covered: Introduction: The Fast-changing Omnichannel Making Your Brand Instagram-worthy Getting the Most Value of Influencer Marketing Partnerships Designing Packaging for Omni-Channel Beauty Consumers


[webinar] Naturally Functional: Top Probiotic Beauty Trends

Microbiome research breakthroughs have led to a boom in probiotic beauty and personal care product innovation. This webinar will review the potential benefits of probiotics in skin care, body care and hygiene, scalp care and other applications, and survey recent trends in product introductions and market insights—directly from the experts.


[webinar} Optimizing the Beauty Omnichannel

Scalable strategies for delivering the right consumer experience every time, everywhere. Get expert insights on building brand and marketing plans, packaging, technology integration and distribution into a holistic omnichannel strategy.


[webinar} New Innovations in High-performance Natural Hair Care

Featuring expertise from analysts and brand owners, this webcast will explore the latest market data, launches and expert observations to provide actionable insights for marketing and product development professionals. Sponsored by: Ingredion


[webinar] Anti-pollution Cosmetics: The Science and Market

A FREE 2-part webinar series. Anti-pollution Cosmetics part 1: Science (Now Available On Demand) and Anti-pollution Cosmetics part 2: Market


[webcast] 5 Ways to Leverage Real-time Consumer Insights

Understanding your consumer is crucial to your brand and business. Thankfully, new technologies can capture real-time data on consumer behaviors. But capturing data is one thing—leveraging that data for maximum value is another.