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82% of 'Pivotals' Believe Digital and Physical Identities are the Same

"Rather than blending in, Pivotals want to use beauty products as a way of breaking out of conformity and achieving meaningful connection with others."

Givaudan Soothes the Market with Latest Sustainable Biotech

Health and wellness has been rising for some time now, opening the door for Givaudan Active Beauty's launch of a sustainable ingredient that has numerous skin care properties at a time when the utilization of eco-friendly products is high in consumers' priorities.

[video] in-cosmetics 2018: Cosmetic Clinical Study Design and Instrumentation

The 2018 in-cosmetics Global event in Amsterdam will deliver insights into the advantages, limitations and opportunities of cosmetic clinical study design and instrumentation.

[video] in-cosmetics 2018: Natural Products -- What Makes Them Effective?

This sneak peak of the 2018 in-cosmetics Global education program explores the challenge of natural ingredient standardization and the confusion over permitted claims.

3 Ways Personal Care Brands Can Grow With the #SelfCare Movement

Hint: the answer has more to do with boosting your customers’ inner glow than it does with promoting a perfect outward appearance.

Partnership Studies Mitochondria to Assess Screen Light Effects on Skin

For those taking in the spirit of Halloween last week, there is an all-too familiar horror to behold … skin damage caused by light from electronic devices. Gattefossé has recognized this skin terror and is teaming up with CYTOO to examine it more closely; via cellular mitochondria.

Grant Receives Halal Certification

Maintaining hundreds of products and INCI ingredients, Grant Industries is now officially halal certified. This certification is in demand across nearly every country globally and the company is working to fulfill the industry need.

in-cosmetics Asia: Givaudan Wins Gold for Revivyl

“We are extremely honored to receive this award for an active answering two fast-growing trends in our industry: skin microbiome and aging populations."

Coty's Camillo Pane Discusses the Beauty Giant's Future

“The beauty business no longer gives us the luxury to do things in a sequential way. Those times are gone."

L'Oréal Announces Results for Q3 and the First Nine Months of 2017

"The highlight of the quarter is the acceleration of our sales in the new markets, which posted double-digit growth."

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