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The Future Of Beauty: The Future of Leadership

By: Carly Guerra, Lea Koussoulis, Caroline Ornst, Marixsa Rodriguez
Posted: September 21, 2010

Future of Leadership: (from left) Caroline Ornst (Firmenich, Inc.), Lea Koussoulis (L’Oreal USA), Carlotta Jacobson (CEW), Marixsa Rodriguez (Victoria’s Secret Beauty), Carly Guerra (Estée Lauder Companies).

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An important characteristic of this new agile tribe will be comfort with working remotely. Teleworking has been described as the new face of the agile workforce, and the employee of the future is morphing into a “work-anywhere warrior.” Gartner Dataquest estimates that more than 14 million workers currently are teleworkers, spending, at minimum, 20% of their work-week outside the office. Within the next four years, about one third of the U.S. workforce will demand to telework.

Tomorrow‟s organization will be unbound and limitless. Companies will need to think of creative ways to adopt new ideas from other industries into the world of beauty. Meet the innovation odd couple: P&G, a more traditional corporate structure, and Google, a free flowing culture, have collaborated to figure out what makes the other tick. Reaching outside like this is a powerful way to incubate new ideas and recharge.

Sustainability: The workplace has changed greatly in the past 10 years, and will continue to evolve at an even greater pace into the next decade. Employees are a company‟s most valuable assets. Turnover rate for our industry is extremely high, and we are all competing to acquire and retain the best and brightest talent. Passionate and engaged employees are key to a company‟s success and sustainability. But how do you foster this within your company?

Corporate social responsibility is important, especially to the Millennials. It should be authentic, and it is about more than just donating money to a cause. Companies should also encourage volunteerism through organizing events that will get employees involved and make an impact in their community.

We spoke with Millennials and they shared what they are looking for from their companies. They are not looking to be CEO overnight. They want to be loyal and care about the company, but they expect the same in return. They want opportunities to broaden their experience. Externships, international rotations of six months and tribal rotations are ways companies can enable Millennials to try new things without losing these people to other employers.