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The Future Of Beauty: The Future of Leadership

By: Carly Guerra, Lea Koussoulis, Caroline Ornst, Marixsa Rodriguez
Posted: September 21, 2010

Future of Leadership: (from left) Caroline Ornst (Firmenich, Inc.), Lea Koussoulis (L’Oreal USA), Carlotta Jacobson (CEW), Marixsa Rodriguez (Victoria’s Secret Beauty), Carly Guerra (Estée Lauder Companies).

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Working Remotely: inc.@ gives freedom and flexibility to their employees by encouraging them to work remotely. Even working for other companies on shared time is seen as an advantage, and inc.@ thrives off of the talent of their well-rounded and dynamic people. inc.@ accommodates their remote workforce through the Mobile Village, the next generation of office hotel space. Employees check in to the Mobile Village online before arriving at the inc.@ office. A concierge sets up a workstation to meet the needs of the employee while they are working at the office. Each workstation has a digital wall that serves as the single point of access to all of inc.@‟s resources.

Fluid Work Spaces: inc.@'s work space infrastructure enables collaboration. Yesterday's cubicles have been replaced by fluid work spaces. Lightweight screens replace walls to divide space in an easily changeable manner. Tribes can cluster their work spaces together for collaborative activities, and revert back to individualized spaces as needed.

New Roles: inc.@ has embraced a community-style organizational structure, and there are new roles in the organization to correspond with this collaborative way of working. For example, the Knowledge Facilitator works within tribes to connect people with each other and the resources that they need. This is an example of how traditional titles have been discarded in favor of a language that is less about hierarchy and more about people's talents.

The New Intranet: inc.@ has developed theMirror, the next generation of the corporate intranet. theMirror leverages the concepts of social networking to bring employees together. The site is comprised of tools such as blogs, a company wiki and real-time chats. The news feed shows live updates from all of inc.@'s employees, and enables them to easily keep track of their colleagues' activities. On theMirror, each employee has a page on peopleSpace, an area where every employee shares his or her portfolio of projects. innovateSpace is a place on theMirror for employees to come together and forge new ideas. The collaborative forum allows employees to click on topics and brainstorm over a live chat with their colleagues. meetingSpace, the next generation of workplace meetings, shows all meetings happening in the company at any given time. Employees working remotely can click on any discussion to join in. This gives transparency to activities happening in the company and facilitates communication across the inc.@ community.

Mobility: inc.@ has developed their own mobile application to keep employees connected to company resources such as theMirror. Employees can join meetings via their mobile device and stay connected to the inc.@ network from any remote location.