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2011 People to Know

By: GCI Editors
Posted: January 20, 2011, from the January 2011 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Great art is more than the right colors on canvas, the upward lilt of a melody or a few well-paced phrases strung together. In great art, each component intertwines, expresses itself in its individuality and, through that expression, engages and moves its audience in a way that is both universal and uniquely personal.

We’ll let time and you, the reader, decide whether the Bella Una fragrance fits this criteria, but, in the meantime, we are happy to celebrate the confluence of a moving concept, intriguing packaging, strategic marketing that focuses on making a deep connection with consumers, innovative retailing and a winning scent.

Kym Wechsler—a product developer, marketer and co-founder/president of Calm and Scents, a product development and creative service company—undertook the goal of creating a fine fragrance company with an individual, romantic and passionate nature. A strategy was developed by a simple question Wechsler asked herself: “How can I drive people to buy fragrance?”

The answer and outcome: the Bella Una brand is specifically meant to evolve, fostering excitement and engagement in scents through exclusive and limited fragrances designed to capture intimate times and evoke the wearers’ fondest memories.

Bella Una, the brand’s signature fragrance, is presented in a mulberry bark box. Inside, an envelope sealed with a handmade flower contains a handwritten love letter that Wechsler wrote to her mother, the inspiration for the scent. The simple glass bottle is nestled beneath. Each new scent will be assigned a female’s name and will have qualities that lend an idea of where the scent came from. Each “girl” will tell a tale and have a journey, and each “girl’s” story will help identify what is to come inside that beautiful bottle, intending to create a persona rich with romance and love for each creation.