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Profile: Creating a Little Chemistry/Marie Renée Thadal

Posted: December 10, 2007, from the December 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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The New Jersey based company, an approved small business and fully certified minority and women owned enterprise, serves as a broker/distributor/agent between suppliers and end-user clients, offering suppliers an outsourcing alternative for business development and growth, and providing technical sales services.

A niche player in fine chemicals and selected commodity raw materials, Bajchem focuses on value added products and services, suppling product lines aimed at higher performance, speed to market and competitive edge.

“My life seems to be about my customers and their needs, which I balance with taking care of my three children,” she says. “I also try my best to make sure when I am around my customers it is a positive experience. They understand that I am here to help them make a better product.”

Maintaining a heavy travel schedule to explore trade shows and attend conferences, to uncover emerging trends as well as the latest concepts and the materials behind them, has allowed Thadal to build an understanding of the personal care market. Knowledge of the manufacturers, the brands and the product line concepts, limitations and restrictions, in turn, allows her to be proactive in selecting the trend and material that best fits a particular customer.

Understanding and chemistry has allowed Thadal and her company to manage many global brands and successfully position high-performance materials in its product lines.