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Cover Story: 20 to Know

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: January 10, 2008, from the January 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.
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Donald R. Droppo Jr.
Vice President/Owner, Sales & Marketing
Curtis Packaging

With responsibility for the management and development of Curtis Packaging’s marketing strategy, Droppo has focused on environmental sustainability and “greening” Curtis Packaging. Through his leadership and commitment, Curtis became one of the first printing and packaging companies in North America to be 100% carbon neutral, to power its entire operation using 100% renewable energy and to be Forest Stewardship Council certified. The majority of the clean, renewable energy mix is sourced from Green-e certified wind power. Conversion efforts offset approximately 7.1 million pounds of carbon dioxide annually. To reach this level, the company first recognized a significant industry change and then determined how it would adapt to achieve its complementary goals. Curtis Packaging believed that going beyond basic compliance with sustainable practices was in the best interest of both the environment and its business. Sustainability goals were not merely incorporated into its business model; sustainability became the business model.

Under a pledge to produce its luxury packaging in the most eco-conscious manner, Curtis Packaging has more than doubled its annual sales over the last four years to more than $40 million. “Every day at Curtis, we raise the bar to explore ways of performing a task in the most eco-friendly manner,” Droppo told GCI magazine in a 2007 interview.

Danielle Kelli Fleming
Danielle and Company
The well-noted impact of fragrance on moods and memories is intriguing to certified behavior therapist Danielle Kelli Fleming. The intrigue took Fleming down a path beyond “what if” to a big conclusion and, ultimately, to a destination of creation. “Scent is very individualized, but my studies have shown that most people agree on the particular scent having the specified reaction,” she told GCI magazine.

The Essential Experiences line of soaps and shower gels is grouped into five mood categories, and distribution grew from a local farmer’s market to more than 65 boutiques and spas across the U.S. and Canada. “You will hear me saying in the office all the time, ‘We are not selling soap, we are selling a concept.’ The concept is that our products will help you get into a specific mood by simply bathing. This is not aromatherapy. It delves deeper into the science of scent stimulus and how it results in a behavioral change.”