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Cover Story: 20 to Know

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: January 10, 2008, from the January 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Indursky’s commitment to these endeavors has not been limited to within the walls of Burt’s Bees. There are efforts to reach out directly to competition, to achieve a standard in defining naturals, and remain active in organizations such as the Natural Products Association, for which he chairs the personal care division.

Neil Morris
Perfumer and Founder
Neil Morris Fragrances

Enthusiasm is engaging, and Neil Morris’ enthusiasm for fragrance and what inspires him to create fragrances allows him to engage potential buyers and consumers before the scent even wafts from the bottle. His is a powerful and innate style for success, and he has combined it with a fearless approach to creation. “I kept hearing that people were yearning for different fragrances, to stand out from the crowd, something different than what was offered by mass merchandised fragrances,” Morris told GCI magazine. “With decades of exploration, refinement and inspiration from top perfumers, I’ve developed a process and approach to fragrance design that allows me to create fragrances that truly express the individuality of my clients. I love when
a perfume pushes the envelope.”

Douglas Canfield
President and CEO
Canfield Scientific, Inc./Canfield Imaging Systems

Under a corporate mission to provide advanced imaging capabilities to the medical and skin care industries, Douglas Canfield has built a company that specializes in photographic documentation to demonstrate the efficacy of various skin care efforts. Canfield has leveraged the company’s 20 years of expertise in medical photographic equipment, software and computer systems for patient imaging to create both new technologies—such as its RBX Technology to detect, visualize and analysis subsurface melanin and vascular conditions—and a skin analysis database of 1,000,000 images (to launch in February) that will allow the comparison of skin conditions of individuals to the general populace to form the basis of a statistical model that provides skin care professionals the expected range for important complexion features for skin type and age.