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Cover Story: 20 to Know

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: January 10, 2008, from the January 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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With a drive toward entrepreneurship fueled by experience in the family business, MODE was born as the two experimented with a line of cosmetics that incorporated health, fashion and nature. “Natural products give the impression of all or nothing—all crunch and no glamour, or all glamour and no benefits,” said Samuels. “I knew that there was this void in the market, and if I was interested in this idea, other women would be also.”

Samuels worked in sales and marketing and Isaac focused on product development at Zela International, and through their combination of skills, a 250 SKU line influenced by ingredients and new formulations was born. The duo aimed for quality products delivered at great price points. With fashion playing heavily into the design of the line itself, color plays an important part in the overall line production.

Fundamentally, the line is built around natural ingredients to promote a healthy lifestyle, but Isaac and Samuels also recognized the limits in using all natural ingredients. “When we first began research and development, we wanted to create a color cosmetics line that was all natural, but we learned very quickly that the performance of the products were subpar—the product variety, selection and color palette would be greatly limited and the efficacy and quality of the products would be greatly compromised,” said Samuels. “We knew that we could not stand behind substandard products just to claim all natural.”

Bryan Durocher
Durocher Enterprises Inc.
Bryan Durocher believes that health, wellness and beauty are an organic process, and has applied this insight and his industry expertise to coach, consult and educate global audiences. Durocher specializes in working with manufacturers, professionals and consumers to develop an in-depth understanding of individual communication styles.

“The relationship between a client and a beauty wellness professional is one of the most personal and intimate relationships on the planet,” said Durocher. “I started my career as an image consultant, and time after time, I witnessed the magic of physical transformation. When a person gets expert advice on their appearance, puts together a life game plan, and looks in the mirror and feels confident and attractive for the first time in their life, it becomes a catalyst for enormous change.”