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Four Industry Experts on Mergers & Acquisitions

By: Kelly Frederick
Posted: August 7, 2007

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drom’s president Ferdinand Storp concurs. “You shouldn’t be big just to be big,” he says. “… [M]arket share isn’t a healthy way to look at this.” Storp feels that creativity must be the driver of moves within the industry, pointing to the example of Daimler Chrysler in which the company’s growth paralleled decreasing quality. “This demonstrates that you can’t be everything to everyone,” Storp says, “and there will become a need to seek out specialists who can be counted on to do the job right.”

For companies to succeed, T. Hasegawa president and CEO Tokujiro Hasegawa says that, as the industry increasingly divides into global giants and smaller niche entities, “only the strongest will turn out to be the winners.