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The Future Of Beauty: Redefining the Conversation

By: Marta Cammarano, Mariangela Gisonda, Jennifer King, Nichole Kirtley, Beatriz Loizillon
Posted: August 11, 2010
MPS degree program in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management at FIT

Future of Beauty: (from left) Mariangela Gisonda (The NPD Group, Inc.), Marta Cammarano (Intercos USA), Lezlee Westine (Personal Care Products Council), Nichole Kirtley (L’Oréal USA), Jennifer King (Firmenich, Inc.) , Beatriz Loizillon (Estée Lauder Companies).

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With the beauty industry's support of EDUCARE, all parties will benefit. EDUCARE will result in: increased conversation and clarity surrounding the value of beauty care as health care; earned trust and respect for the beauty industry; informed decision-making and intelligent consumption; and ultimately self-confidence as each child learns how to attain “their best self.” After the national success of EDUCARE, the focus will shift to future consumers in developing markets.


As the industry approaches the future, our communication strategies must change between all parties—consumers, brands and industry. Conversations must be more real while maintaining aspiration. The dialogue must be reciprocal, and the brand must listen to the consumer to keep her engaged and loyal. Finally, the conversation must be more responsible. If, as a collective of brands, the hope is truly for a more prosperous tomorrow, future consumers must be more grounded in the benefits and possibilities of beauty.

The information above is the work of students in FIT's Master's Degree Program: Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management, and any reproduction or use of this material requires their written permission.

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