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2 in 1: Makeup Meets Skin Care

By: Sara Mason
Posted: November 8, 2007, from the November 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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From the spa sector, jane iredale launched Sugar&Butter, a lip duo that combines a natural exfoliator featuring beeswax and organic brown sugar with a tinted lip plumper of cool mint and ginger. The active ingredient is palmitoyl oligopeptide, the natural tripeptide Gly-His-Lys, which stimulates collagen synthesis and helps diminish lines.

Natural Goes Mainstream

As consumers increasingly adopt an ethical approach to their purchasing habits, companies across the board are working toward products that satisfy the growing demand. According to Organic Monitor, the international market for natural and organic cosmetics is expected to generate approximately $7 billion in sales in 2007, with Europe and the U.S. accounting for the lion’s share.

New research finds the major drivers of market growth are the mainstreaming of natural and organic cosmetics, inward investment and growing consumer demand for green products. Investment is coming primarily from retailers, especially in Europe, and large cosmetic manufacturers that are either acquiring dedicated natural and organic cosmetic companies or launching certified products.

Natural, organic and environmentally friendly products have carved out a stable and profitable niche in the cosmetics sector, but competition is intensifying as new brands contend with established players. The market opportunity is clear, but delivering on promises of natural and organic products in a highly critical marketplace isn’t always easy, especially without clear definitions and regulations.

As traditional differences between natural food and beauty dissolve, the natural movement is establishing its place in the cosmetics industry.