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2 in 1: Makeup Meets Skin Care

By: Sara Mason
Posted: November 8, 2007, from the November 2007 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Korean brand Skin Food, for example, offers a makeup range containing lemon, tea tree oil, soy beans, rice extract and honey. With today’s emphasis on botanical, natural and traditional, Skin Food gets an upper hand with its use of fruits, vegetables and grains and Korean herbs.

According to Mintel, more than 200 new introductions debuted in this category in the first half of 2007 alone, tapping into the 40% of consumers who say they prefer natural based makeup products.

For spring 2008, tarte is repositioning the brand in stores to help customers understand its main message: “Health Couture, one half fashion-forward packaging and the other half healthy, natural formulas and ingredients.”

In addition, tarte will continue to align itself with organizations such as the Sustainable Acai Project, as well as maintain partnerships with beauty brands from the skin care and wellness worlds, such as the cosmeceutical brand Borba.
Initiatives such as these showcase how the natural and organic market is aligning with the green movement, giving companies eco-friendly credentials through both partnerships and eco-friendly business practices.

“Science and nature will merge even more in the coming year, and we’ll be able to deliver more innovative products that are not only healthy but have cutting-edge technology,” said Kelly.