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The Scent of the Stars

By: Abby Penning
Posted: August 23, 2011

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Once the Eurofragance team had a fragrance that was approved by Álvarez, they worked with a lab to microencapsulate the scent in order for it to be included in the ink for the book. Perisson explains, “We sent different samples to the company that microencapsulated the scent so they could check the suitability of [them], because of the nature of the process that could eliminate some olfactive notes.” Once that was finalized, the end result was a scratch-and-sniff card in Álvarez’s book featuring a photo of an astronaut and the scent of outer space.

“It is a different sensory experience,” says Perisson of the scent. “It offers a mixture of several notes that could maybe be recognized, like grilled meat, but we also expect these notes in this combination to feel unique to people.” The project also led to a few additional daydreams. “We hope one day be able to actually check the odor of space,” Perisson laughs.