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The Beauty Business is Not for Sissies

By: Alisa Marie Beyer
Posted: April 4, 2012, from the April 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.
TBC's Beauty Product Development Life Cycle chart

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Finally, after the work of conceptualizing, creating and producing your new brand, it’s time to take it to market—and hopefully to watch it thrive. By now, the brand identity is set, the formula is optimized and stable, the packaging is done, and your brand is ready to implement a vital go-to-market and sales distribution plan.

Although it may seem the harder work of launching your brand is behind you, in reality, much effort remains. It’s not enough anymore to just create a beautiful brand with gorgeous packaging and lush formulas. Consumers won’t come just because you built it. You have to create and maintain an aggressive sales plan—which includes retail distribution and consumer purchase scenarios, in addition to managing the distribution and inventory planning—if you want to keep your brand on target and able to both have inventory to sell and stock to replenish once it’s a hit with consumers. The launch of marketing efforts, public relations outreach, beauty editorial exposure, social media campaigns and retailer outreach are also key to this effort, creating the demand that will give you the sales to place orders for your next round of new products.

Cycle for Success

Although beauty is one of the most dynamic industries to work in—and certainly a lot of fun—launching a new beauty brand isn’t a hobby, and it should never be taken lightly or expected to be easy. It’s a business, which is why every new brand needs a vision as well as a proven strategy or blueprint for how it is going to take that vision and make it come alive.

By following the phases of the Beauty Product Development Life Cycle, potential pitfalls are discovered, consumer disconnects are connected and beauty products are created that consumers can’t imagine living without. The Beauty Product Development Life Cycle helps your brand avoid the trap of “just make it pretty” or “if you build it, she will come” strategies that sell your new brand short and ultimately lead to the end of your vision. Instead, a rigorous and thorough follow through of the Beauty Product Development Life Cycle should signal the start of your successful beauty empire.

Author's note: A free copy of the Beauty is Not for Sissies Workbook, an in-depth overview of each phase of TBC's Beauty Development Product Life Cycle, will be available for download in June 2012. Visit to register for a free copy.