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Time for a Fresh POV

By: Alisa Marie Beyer and Kate Helfrich
Posted: June 1, 2012, from the June 2012 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Do what you say you’re going to do or go home. Consumers have selection on their side, and they will not forget if your product claims one thing yet delivers another—or worse, doesn’t deliver at all.

While this may seem like obvious business advice, more than a few new products hit the market claiming the kitchen sink yet only deliver the bare bones. Consumers can smell a gimmick from a mile off, and any chance of a repeat purchase will radically diminish if you’re trying to sell something that your product is just not.

Claims That Bring Acclaim

If you want to set your product up to win, both clinical and consumer tests are imperative—but it’s not just about getting claims. Designing consumer and clinical studies to help you get precise, targeted results is just as important to your outcome as the outcome itself.

You want to prove your product is three times more effective than the leading competitor, or that 100% of consumers saw results after the first use? Then you need to ask the right questions from the start or risk wasting money, time and effort on throwaway claims that have no impact with consumers. Know who you are competing against, what claims they are making, and then structure a winning claims strategy that outperforms them on every level for a winning edge.

Put On Your Consumer Hat

It’s so easily forgotten, but at the end of the day, we are all consumers. When creating new products, remember to think and act like a consumer and not just the beauty product developer who sees beauty from the lab perspective or the marketer who is busy spinning a brand’s story.