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Fanning the Flames of Innovation

By: Jeff Falk
Posted: June 9, 2008, from the June 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Suppliers also play a role in consumer perception of a product and effective branding to create deeper connections with consumers, further adding to the overall and longer term value.

“When competing for market share, marketers look at a variety of different avenues to attract existing and new consumers,” says Umland. “As the packaging component represents one of the first moments when a consumer interfaces with a brand, it naturally becomes a critical part of brand recognition.”

“Product packaging can elevate a brand with real marketing advantages,” says Alison von Puschendorf, director of public relations, MWV (MeadWestvaco). “Given that consumers make their purchasing decision within a few seconds at the store shelf, packaging serves a critical role in engaging the consumer and communicating the brand. There are many other ways packaging can help differentiate a brand. For instance, an environmentally conscious brand can enhance its position by using recycled packaging materials. Partnering with the correct packaging solutions provider is a vital element to ensuring that the ultimate goal is achieved without compromising other values. MWV’s approach is to engage deeply with customers to understand their consumers and their packaging needs, and to develop customized packaging solutions that are meaningful—and valuable—in the marketplace.” “Branding is all about creating and enhancing emotions. And the role of packaging and dispensers, in particular, has become strong in the last decade,” adds de Jong.

“Branding is not just about the name, look and retail [channel]. Dispensers, for example, support the design and functionality that marketers want to emphasize with their brands. The dispenser has become a crucial part in branding/building emotions.”

While reinforcing the brand message, enhancing the consumer experience is vital.