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Inspiration is All Around

By: Karen A. Newman
Posted: December 10, 2008, from the December 2008 issue of GCI Magazine.

Gail Boye

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Underscoring the notion that product development is a mix of creativity and business, Boye remembers watching Geller making business decisions while at the same time trying new shades of eye shadow.

Boye learned from some of the best in the business, and now she puts it all together for Mark.

Supporting Social Beauty

Mark launched in 2003 with the mission to “provide young women with an engaging product line, a direct selling opportunity and a unique brand experience that engages them in a world of community, participation and empowerment,” according to press materials. The company said: “The fully separate ‘Mark.’ product line is designed to have a hip, modern appeal and will number several hundred stock keeping units encompassing color, skin care, bath and body, fragrance, fashion, jewelry and accessories. Mark. beauty products will be priced somewhat higher than Avon’s core product line and on par with those of mass retail competitors.”

It was understood that young women related to each other through beauty rituals, a bonding experience the Mark team calls Social Beauty (SM). “Our mission at Mark is to support the notion of Social Beauty,” says Boye. “We offer an edited collection of beauty and fashion trends, many of which are customizable. The Mark customer can make her [own] mark by choosing what, when and how to engage with the brand.”

Social Beauty, says Boye, is the heart of the brand, and all disciplines work off of these guiding principles. “In the product development area, we have developed iconic franchises such as Snap To It and Hook Ups, which are customizable product forms. The act of customizing these products sparks a dialogue, which encourages and encompasses Social Beauty.”

The Packaging Challenge