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Men's Beauty

By: Simone Bolotin (group leader), Colleen Celentano (co-leader), Renee Bukowski, Alexandra de Lara and Michael Kremer
Posted: June 4, 2014


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Billions of dollars are being left on the table simply because the industry has not made it a priority to understand men’s authentic drivers, and reach him through the people, places, images, and communication style that he truly connects with. We cannot adopt a women’s model to reach men, we must look towards the changing landscape of masculinity to identify new needs and genuine consequences.

Applying the 4G Growth Engine backed by the support of the industry will create the perfect storm needed to construct a more sophisticated men’s grooming market in the United States. This fresh approach offers a compelling opportunity for the future of the beauty industry. Men today are evolving, and we must evolve with them. Now is the time for the men’s grooming movement.


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Industry Experts Interviewed

Andra Mielnicki, Executive Director, Global Communications, La Mer
Ann Gottlieb, Ann Gottlieb and Associates
Andrew Chen, Manager Marketing, Redken Global
Ashley Boyce, Brand Building Manager, Unilever
Clyde Johnson, Executive Director of Education, La Mer
Chris Salgardo, President, Kiehl’s Since 1851
Craig LaManna, Associate Director, Nivea Men’s
Isabela de Mello, Design Strategist, IDEO San Francisco
Jacqueline Nam, Marketing Manager, SK-II Korea
Jane Gu, Senior Manager, L'Oréal Paris Men Expert
Joseph Grigsby, Executive Director Global Marketing, Lab Series
Julien Bouzitat, Vice President Innovation, L'Oréal
Karen Grant, Vice President and Global Beauty Industry Analyst, NPD
Lisa Sequino, Executive Director, Tom Ford Beauty
Meredith Kaback, Director of Consumer Insights, Coty Prestige
Minh Dan Tran, Marketing Director, Biotherm Canada
Pete Born, Executive Editor, WWD
Rob McGovern, CEO and Founder, Cobrain
Sam Cheow, Vice President, Trends & Reverse Innovation

Qualitative Research

Conducted in-depth 1:1 interviews with 25 men ages 21-65