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Social Beauty: How New Developments in Social Media are Changing the Industry

By: Imogen Matthews
Posted: February 4, 2013, from the March 2013 issue of GCI Magazine.

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Davis notes of the brand and its efforts, “Is it a cool L.A. fashion photography studio that creates a range of beauty cosmetics and embraces social media, or [is it] a cosmetics brand that embraces social media and has a cool L.A. fashion photography studio? Does it matter?”

Packaging Print Technology

Rolling Optics is a multi-layered print technology that provides a deep 3D impression, and this video clip demonstrates how someone can see right into the packaging with this technology. “This is potentially useful to a beauty brand that wants to communicate active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin,” maintains Davis.

Initiatives for the Future of Your Brand

There is no doubt that social media is changing fast and creating many new opportunities for beauty brands. For example, not so long ago, companies believed fragrance could never be sold online because the consumer cannot try the product. But now, “Planned purchases such as fragrances have enormous potential online as consumers can afford to shop around,” points out Lahouasina. “Impulse-driven categories, however, are far less likely to generate a serious challenge in the current climate.”

Even with that said though, the evolving online landscape may change all this, with continuing efforts and other developments, such as same-day delivery and lockers that consumers to pick up goods at their own convenience, becoming more widely used and known by consumers. In today’s marketplace, paying attention to the digital environment is a must and moving forward with smart digital strategy is a must.

Imogen Matthews is a consultant to in-cosmetics. For more information, visit